Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breslauer Bible Model

In order to arrange the proper setup for the scanning of the Breslauer Bible at the SSRL, Ms. Cathy Knotts (the SSRL director) directed us to Sam Webb, who she said would assist us in devising a setup. Using the aforementioned sketch by Dr. Gwara as a model, Ms. Kelsey Crump of the Hollings Special Collections library constructed a full-scale model of the Breslauer Bible for us to send to Stanford. The Facsimile showed the first three paper fly leaves and then the page to be scanned; as they are unimportant to the scanning, the rest of the pages of the model were a solid piece. Here are a few images taken by Mr. Robert Smith: 

This picture shows the model closed. Note the solid representation of most of the pages.

This image shows the paper fly leaves found at the beginning of the bible. Its covers are slightly more rigid than those of the actual bible. It luckily survived Dr. Gwara’s attempts to induce greater flexibility.

This image shows the Bible open the the page containing the inscription.

We mailed the model to Sam Webb at Stanford, along with a few attachments and a letter explaining the model to him. We told him that we planned to isolate the inscription page by holding the first three fly leaves to the front cover using a band of mylar, and the rest of the pages to the back cover using the same method. To hold the page steady, we told him we planned to use a half-frame of matt board. We sent the package last Friday with priority shipping, so they should likely have it by tomorrow.

- Carl 

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